Ask An Advocate Zooms

Ask An Advocate Zooms are a  service offered by American Frontline Nurses as a way to help more people with common questions about health, wellness, and advocacy. Our Zooms are hosted by various advocates from The Advocate Network to answer a variety of questions related to the FLCCC protocols, I-MASK protocol, I-MATH protocol, Ivermectin, drug interactions, supplements, weight-based calculations, resource allocation, and so much more. 

Ask An Advocate Zooms are 1-2 hours long and we charge $5 to participate. We firmly end at the end of 2 hours so our Nurse Advocates can resume helping patients with scheduled appointments. Due to the volume and severity of cases Ask an Advocate Zoom is able to answer questions and provide short-term instruction on early intervention and non-hospitalized cases. 

We also require that those seeking instruction are either the patient or the legal medical decision-maker for the patient that requires assistance. 


For people needing extensive assistance such as those who are hospitalized, on ventilator assistance, or medically complex, we require those cases to schedule an individual appointment with a Nurse Advocate on

The Advocate Network

When you book to join a Zoom you will be sent an email 

Ask An Advocate Zooms are available 


4 pm PST

6 pm CST

7 pm EST

Wednesday & Friday

1 pm PST

3 pm CST

4 pm EST