Foods to Fuel Your Brain & Bonus Healthy Lunch Meal Plan for Toddlers-Adult By: Christie Korth

12 Brain Power Foods to Prevent and Treat Inflammation

The following foods are very helpful for building a healthy brain and controlling and treating inflammation in the entire body. It is safe to say that those who have long hauler or would like to prevent a cytokine storm from COVID or other illnesses, should consume these foods as much as possible to ensure the highest functioning brain capacity achievable.

Avocado/ Fish and Fish Oils

Nutrient rich for small stomachs

High in omega 3 fatty acids

Goof fats to fight heart disease

Improves brain function and memory

Boosts nutrients from other vegetables

Lessens the effects of attention deficits

Great for skin health

Blueberries Kidney Beans

Packed with disease fighting antioxidants May benefits asthmatics

Boosts brain power Good Protein Source

Helps improve eyesight Boost memory

Helps improve eyesight

Prevents diabetes, obesity and heart disease

Broccoli Kiwifruit

Prevents stomach problems (kills bad bacteria Healthy breathing

that can cause stomach upset) Repairs cells

Protects eyes and skin from sunlight Keeps eyes healthy

Helps prevent cancer and heart disease