Top 10 Anti-microbial Products EVERYONE Should Have by Christie Korth, Health and Wellness Director

Antimicrobial foods are an excellent addition to your diet to help promote optimum health and can also be used when you fall ill. They are a win-win. Antimicrobial foods are comprised of foods in which are antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-parasitic and anti-fungal in nature.

Be sure you stock up on these gems. They can be a life saver and prevent hospitalization from COIVD or virtually any other illness if regularly consumed with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Prevention is always key with nutrition, but it is wonderful to know there are many alternatives that can assist if you start feeling sick.

Here are my Top 10 Foods That Should Always be in your 'Medicine Cabinet"

Food 1: Coconut Oil-

I LOVE coconut oil. Aside from being incredibly useful not only for consumption, it

can also be used as a beauty product by way of lotion, conditioner, make up remover, sunblock- it has a plethora of kick butt uses. For this article's purposes, I will highlight coconut oil as the king (or queen-LOL) of antimicrobial foods, touting anti bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic proprieties. Since it is also an omega 3 fatty acid- it also has inflammatory properties! Double win. Add a teaspoon to your favorite smoothie, replace it for baking, you can even use it to make scrambled eggs instead of butter. Raw consumption is best and look for a high quality extra virgin coconut oil for maximum benefit. Refrain from purchasing non organic coconut oil or non extra virgin variety as these have been heated and loose their Nutrional value. To save on cost, I recommend purchasing in bulk.

Food 2: Ginger-

Widely known as a cure all for nausea by many pregnant women, fortunately, that is not ginger's sole benefit. Ginger can be consumed raw, in tea, in dressings, on and on. It has natural anti inflammatory properties. You can mix horseradish, ginger and manuka honey for a powerful and potent anti microbial cocktail that can resolve a cough, cold, and is highly effective in active COIVD cases.

Food 3: Mullien Leaves

Served as a tea or used in a steam bath, mullein leaves are EXCELLENT for supporting pulmonary function and strength! Mullien also contains anti viral properties. Always make sure you are choosing organic mullien leaves. They are a potent, yet gentle weapon in expelling mucous from a cough, cold, COVID and are great for those with asthma, COPD, etc.