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After working for many years in conventional medicine as a registered nurse in the Netherlands, my lifelong interest in holistic healing and my explorations into herbal healing, guided me to study a system of complimentary medicine called Anthroposophical Medicine. I was trained as an Anthroposophical nurse in the Netherlands, at the Zeylmans van Emmichoven Clinic in Bilthoven. After my arrival in the United States in 1993, I studied various modalities pertaining to energy and the subtleties of the healing forces within our bodies. These disciplines include acupressure, metamorphosis technique, reflexology and kinesiology. I have over 1,800 hours of basic and advanced massage training and education and a strong commitment to ongoing professional development and continuing education. It is the fusion of this training that has led me to develop Reconstructive Muscle Therapy and the establishment of my practic: Muscle Health US. From 2002 - 2004, I trained to become a facilitator of Family Constellation Work in the tradition of founder, Bert Hellinger. This work allowed me to understand how illness and difficulties often arise out of the dynamics of the larger family system. Over the years, I have organized and led numerous workshops on children's health for groups of parents and healthcare practitioners. I call my work Wellness Nursing, as my focus is to accentuate and stimulate the healing abilities inherent in the body. My teaching experiences have resulted in the production of a Holistic Wellness Guide, in collaboration with LILIPOH Magazine.


Wiep T de Vries, RN

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